Moon Rise by William Breslow

Original Lawn, Garden Sculptures, Indoor Sculpture and Furniture

William Breslow – Bill lives in South Salem, NY and began working in the ceramic arts in NYC in the 1980’s.

After moving to nearby Connecticut in 1990 he shifted his focus to metal, starting with small decorative arts projects (candle sticks, bookends) and progressing to steel, glass, marble and wood mixed media furniture.

In recent years his focus has turned to medium and large scale outdoor sculpture in steel and stainless steel.

Metal is an immediate, and much more forgiving medium than clay and ceramics. Two pieces of metal can be welded in an instant; the new relationship to each other can be assessed and judged just as quickly. If that relationship isn’t consistent with the original idea, the weld can be broken and the pieces repositioned. It’s the immediacy of the process which creates the tension and excitement. The two welded pieces may not combine to match the original concept, but very often the new form pushes the concept in a different direction; that’s the exciting moment. The piece takes on a life of its own and leads itself to a new and singular conclusion, one which is usually very different from and likely much better than the original conception”

Over the years there are many original sculptures that grace the landscaping of fine homes in Westchester and Fairfield counties.

Most pieces on this website, outdoor sculptures, indoor sculptures and one-of-a-kind furniture are for sale and prices are indicated on the pages. Included in the prices quoted is an "as required" refinish or repaint. Delivery and installation is not included. For additional information on any piece please email or call.

In addition to being an accomplished designer and sculptor, Bill has founded and runs two successful marketing and internet development firms, both based in South Salem. He lives in a home there with his wife Linda Simon, a painter. Their home and property displays many of their own works of sculpture, painting, ceramics and photography.

To view additional examples of Bill’s work by appointment, please email him at