Squared Blues

by William Breslow

Squared Blues is a small, decorative piece.

It was created in 2016 as a gift for the 65th birthday of a close friend.

Using small laser cut squares of steel with a circle cut from the middle, the "squares" are mounted on a circular base, supported by small pieces of cut steel rod that act as feet. 

A second circular piece of solid steel is cut in half and mounted on the steel base. 

The laser cut squares are welded at opposing angles, creating tension with the base, with themselves and with the visual of the circles cut from inside each square component.

A proportionately sized, solid steel circle is mounted at the top.

The entire piece is painted in a glossy navy blue enamel.  

Approximate Dimensions:
18" x 5"

From the collection of Robert Haskins Esq

$850  (NFS)