Framed Wall 1

by William Breslow

Framed Wall 1 is one of four executions in this series.

It is flat steel plate, tack mounted onto 1/4 inch square steel stock in the back. The heated steel of the tack mount welds are visible around the front exterior edges creating a pattern around the perimeter edges.

The steel plate is then brushed to a varied surface finish with a combination of grinding wheels and steel brushes.

Working from the back, a rectangular piece was cut from the center with a hot torch, leaving a rough "drip" edge around both the cut out piece and the area in the center.

Each version of the Framed Wall series has the central cut piece mounted on the frame itself in a different position. 

A patina with a high gloss was finish is then applied to the entire piece, picking up the varied textures left by the grinding and brushing process.  

Picture hanging wire is welded into place allowing Framed Wall to hang flat, and expose the color of the wall behind it.

In some installations, the wall directly behind the pieces have been painted a different color than the wall itself, adding a new visual dimension to the display.

Approximate Dimensions:
18" x 18"

$850  (Available in multiples)