Chrome Drones

by William Breslow


A simple little piece created very quickly on a winter day in the studio.

Chrome Drones is built on a solid steel base with a vertical riser designed to accept a network of welded components. 

A beginning section of small steel rod is inserted into the gasket on the riser, with a series of the same steel rods welded upwards at multiple and strong angles, rising to a height of about 6.5 feet. 

Small, equally sized steel plates, cut in equal triangular size are welded onto selected longer angles of the steel rod sections.  Each triangle is mounted at its own oblique angle to the rod and within the overall piece. 

Painted in a reflective chrome paint, these triangular shapes seemiingly resemble a flock of the small winged flying drones that are so popular this year. 

The entire upper section of Chrome Drones can rotate on the base/riser and be repositioned for different views.

Approximate Dimensions:
H: 6.5 ft
W: 3.5 ft